FTOG Quantus #29 – The Third Dimension [Modded Minecraft 1.10.2] (In 3D)

Bring out the 3d glasses, sit back and lets take a look at the Quantus server using Kuda Shaders and 3D for the final video in the season. If you dont have 3D glasses or want a different format, click the settings and select 3D then 2D
A Side By Side (SBS) is also available here: https://youtu.be/WyB3Sf-0wF4

Thank you to everyone who took part on the season.

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FTOG Quantus #25 – Drones Farming [Modded Minecraft 1.10.2]

Lets play with OpenComputers Drones and Waypoints to make an automated farm.

farm2.lua (my version): https://pastebin.com/q47hBriq
farm.lua (origianl by DrManganese): https://github.com/DrManganese/OpenComputers-Projects/blob/master/Farming%20Drone/farm.lua

Waypoints need to be named:
BASE – where the charger is
DROPOFF – where to put the items
FARMROW LENXX – the start of a farm row, replace XX with the length of the row

Oh and of course I failed with the code so we also use the disassembler and scrench.

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